Hero Factory – Splitter Beast vs. Furno and Evo – 44021

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Attention, heroes! SPLITTER Beast is a titanic two-headed beast guarding the biggest crevice in Antropolis City where the evil creatures are hiding. EVO and FURNO, we’ve equipped you with a laser lasso. Distract this brute with many eyes using the fire sword and gun while you tie its legs together to bring it down. But beware, it can suddenly split in two and cause double danger to you and the civilians! Includes EVO and FURNO mini robots with weapons and accessories.Includes EVO and FURNO mini robots with weapons and accessoriesFeatures split function, snapping mouth, plasma claw and translucent elementsCapture the beast with FURNO and EVO’s laser lassoUse FURNO’s fire sword & EVO’s gun to defeat SPLITTER BeastCall for backup on the com deviceLamppost also includedDivide the double-headed SPLITTER Beast into two creatures!Grab the mini robots in the huge jawsUproot the lamppost with the powerful plasma clawCombine with 44016 JAW Beast and 44020 FLYER Beast to create an even bigger beast using building instructions available at over 8†(21cm) tall



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